2017 Board of Directors

Chairman: Capt. J. Dohmann - Clean Air Task Force

President: S/Sgt. C. Dyer - Traffic/Patrol Division-2nd watch

1st Vice President: LT. F. Boyd - North Tower Jail Facility 2nd watch

2nd Vice President: Det. D. Crear - CIS

Secretary: Sgt D. Islas - 

Treasurer: Sgt R. McCain - PREA

3rd Vice President: Sgt. D.Tipton- North Tower 2nd watch

4th Vice President: Lashonda Lacy - Med Mod 1st watch

Outside Agency Delegate: Deputy Bertha Roop Rivera Constable Pct 3

DMU Delegate: Michelle Maldonado

Detentions Services Delegate: Sgt. James Watson

General Services Delegate: 

Dallas County Sheriff's Association
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